ESD plastic trays

electrically conductive - packaging

Sensitive electronics need the best possible protection. The use of electrically conductive materials prevents electronic charging and discharging of the trays.

This provides optimal protection for electronic components. We manufacture customized ESD packaging (workpiece carriers) for all applications.

An ESD tray (workpiece carrier) is usually very easy to stack and ensures safe transport of loose goods. ESD trays facilitate counting during an inventory. Even with thicker walls of deep-drawn parts high accuracies are possible. Trays are also ideal for highlighting and presenting new products.

Extensive range of thermoforming products

In addition to ESD trays, our portfolio also includes other types such as transparent packaging , which we produce according to your individual requirements. These include sealed blisters and blister hoods, sliding blister packs, Hf blisters, and plastic sheets . We help you solve your packaging problem.
  • well stackable
  • safe transport
  • high accuracy