Plastic inserts (Inlay's)

Inlay - Plastic insert

For each pot, the matching lid, so our inlays (plastic cardboard inserts) are individually tailored to your product and the associated outer packaging, so that really everything is firmly in the package. Among the most widely used types of cardboard inserts (inlay) which are intended to fix the product in a package include various plastics made of clear, colored plastics and cardboard inserts, inlay's with velvet cover.

There is hardly a product to which no individual packaging with individual deep-drawn cardboard insert can be realized.

Extensive range of thermoforming products

In addition to plastic inlays, there are other thermoforming hoods in our portfolio, which we produce according to your individual wishes. These include sealed blister and blister hoods, sliding blister, Hf blisters, and plastic tray . We help you solve your packaging problem.
  • firm grip
  • safe transport
  • high accuracy