Plastic Trays - Transport Packaging

transport packaging

A tray is not only an optimal transport packaging, but above all serves the reliable protection of goods during transport. In addition, the plastic tray, as well as other deep-drawn parts, facilitates the ordering of the goods and thus also the counting - for example in the case of an inventory.

The perfect plastic tray for your individual goods is developed by Scafa Thermoforming with a lot of expertise. Because we know that transpatch packaging from automated logistics is an indispensable part of our business - and we know our way around this field

Extensive range of thermoforming products

In addition to plastic trays, our portfolio also includes other types such as transparent packaging , which we produce according to your individual requirements. These include sealed blisters and blister covers, sliding blisters and double blister. We help you solve your packaging problem.
  • well stackable
  • safe transport
  • high accuracy